Ron Bower:

“Incredible site, I knew some of the details about this, but to see my family names there, was very emotional. If anybody has any informations that can help me in my family reseach, I would appreciate it very much.” – January 13,  2002

Katarina Hohenberg-Stahre:

“Most interesting site. Me myself is the granddaughter of Edith Hohenbergs brother Egon from Vienna. I´ve pictures of Wilhelm “Willy” Bauer and their children. I´m willing to share these if someone is interested.”  – January 14, 2002

Andy Mikkelsen:

“I appreciate this effort of the Innsbruck authorities. My wife Ilse, nee Adler died 22nd September 2002. I am sorry that she did not live to see this memorial to her family. Regards Andy Mikkelsen” – January 1, 2003

Norman Lesh:

„My mother was Edith Pasch, my grandparents were Julius and Emma Pasch.“ – February 16, 2006

Richard Benson:

“I am Richard Benson, son of Fritz Berger. My father unfortunately died on July 9th 2007 and I was looking for contact details for the Jewish Cultural Centre so that I could advise them of what has happened. In doing so, I discovered this site and would like to say how well it has been put together and what a valuable resource it is. A big thank you to all responsible.” – July 16, 2007

Lisa Norton:

„I am Dorli Pasch Granddaughter and I had the pleasure in 2007 to be taken by my Grandmother, together with the rest of my family to Innsbruck. Excellent website and an important tribute to those who were so pointlessly killed. I am very proud of my Jewish heritage and my Austrian and German roots. None of my Grandparents are English and they all came to the UK during the second world war.“ – August 7, 2008

David Ross:

„I am a descendant of the Brüll family from Innsbruck.  My great-great-grandmother was Libussa Brüll, the singer who married Adolph Albert Low (later changed to Lert). They had several children, including my great-grandmother Margaret Lert.  She married Hugo Schwarz and they had my grandmother Marianne Schwarz. Marianne married Martin Ross and they had my father Victor. I have been researching various parts of my family tree, but I have very little info on the Brüll family. I knew that the family owned a furniture store in Innsbruck and came across this website. Is there a way to put me in touch with any of my Brüll relatives? Thank you so much.“ – February 28, 2010

Yaacov Lozowick (Yad Vashem):

„An impressive site. You have managed successfully to connect a large event with a specific place, thus giving the event a concrete dimension, and the local place historical depth.“ – January 29, 2002


“Mazal Tov and thank you for this research work. I am in search of my Jewish roots on my mother’s side and found this site to be so very helpful. Reading over the history so many emotions rise up and I emphatically must say “NEVER AGAIN!!! Not on our watch!” – February 18, 2014

Rick Glaser:

“I just came across a letter that my grandmother, Hedwig Glaser, sent to my father in 1946, describing how Fritz Berger brought to justice his father’s killer. My father was born in Innsbruck and later moved to Vienna.” – February 14,  2017


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