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< DÖW - Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance  Victim Databases > more

< Registration by Name: Austrian Victims of the Holocaust > more

 < Institute of Contemporary History, University of Innsbruck > more

< Austrian Research Agency for Post-War Justice > more

< University of Southern California - Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education > more

Ruth Kluger

< Still alive - A Holocaust girlhood remembered > The Helen Rose Scheuer Jewish Women´s Series, Foreword by Lore Segal, The Feminist Press 2003

Claude Lanzmann

< The Patagonian Hare: A Memoir > Farra, Straus and Giroux

< Shoah - documentary film > 1985, IMDb

Peter Longerich

< Goebbels: A Biography > Random House 2015

Patrick K. O´Donnell

< They Dared Return - the true story of Jewish spies behind the lines in Nazi Germany > theydaredreturn.com

< The Real Inglorius Bastards > Movie by Min Sook Lee

Michael Phayer

< The Catholic Church and the Holocaust, 1930-1965 >Indiana University Press 2000

Tom Segev

< Simon Wiesenthal: The Life and Legends > Doubleday 2010

Jewish Institutes


< Jewish Communities > Innsbruck , GrazLinzSalzburgViennaBaden

< Institute for Jewish History in Austria > more

< Jewish Museum Hohenems > more

< Jewish Museum Vienna > more

< Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center > more

Aryanisation, Restitution, Looted Art

Edmund de Waal

< The Hare With Amber Eyes > more


< Austrian National Library < more

< Art Database of the National Fund of the Republik of Austria for victims of national socialism > more

< Lootedart.com - The Central Registry of Information on Looted Cultural Property 1933-1945 > more

< Orpheus Trust - non-profit organization dedicated to researching and promoting persecuted and forgotten art > more

< The Art Loss Register, the world's larges database of stolen art > more

< Lost Art Internet Database > more


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