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3, Andreas-Hofer-Straße

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13, Andreas-Hofer-Straße

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29, Andreas-Hofer-Straße

At 29, Andreas-Hofer-Straße lived the widower Arthur Goldenberg with his younger son Fritz. On the night of the progrom, up to six perpetrators invaded the apartment and knocked out several teeth in battering the widower.

By the autumn of 1938, the older son Alfred had already sought refuge in Palestine. Arthur’s wife (Rosa, née Gutstein) committed suicide by jumping out of window of the apartment on November 2nd, 1938.

In 1939, Fritz and his father reached Palestine. (I)

On November 1st, 1938 the married couple Julius and Emma Pasch, née Schneider and their two youngest children (Ruth and Gerda) were kicked out of their dwelling in 1, Anichstraße and forcibly put into the apartment of the elderly Anna Seidel and Adolf Neumann in 29, Andreas-Hofer-Straße. There, the Pasch family were witness to the suicide of Rosa Goldenberg. During the night of the progrom, perpetrators broke in and badly beat up the old Jewish couple. They didn´t touch the Pasch children and overlooked their parents, who were in a separate bedroom.

Adolf Neumann was deported to Poland and murdered there, while Anna Seidel survived the Theresienstadt concentration camp and came back to Innsbruck in 1945. Willi Seidel, son of Anna Seidel, reached Vienna in March 1938 and escaped to Palestine in February 1939. He died there, in a mining accident, in the same year. (II) 


Andreas-Hofer-Straße 40

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40, Andreas Hofer Straße

Flora Bauernée Gold, widow of Julius Bauer and her son Stefan lived at 40, Andreas-Hofer-Straße, where they were assaulted and injured during the night. 

From left: Flora, Stefan, Wilhelm and Julis Bauer 1916 (a)

Flora Bauer was deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp and from there to the the Maly Trostinec extermination camp where she was murdered on 26 September 1942.

Stefan Bauer – later Bower – emigrated from Vienna to New Zealand via Genova in 1939, where he founded a clothes shop which was later taken over by his son Ron Bower.

On January 13th, 2002 Ron Bower took an entry in the guestbook:

“Incredible site, I knew some of the details about this, but to see my family names there, was very emotional. If anybody has any informations that can help me in my family reseach, I would appreciate it very much.” Ron Bower


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In June 2006 Ron Bower and his wife Sandra visited Innsbruck for the first time. Together with Inge Brüll we were at the Jewish Cemetery, at his father´s place at Andreas-Hofer-Strasse 40, at Gänsbacherstraße 5, where his uncle Wilhelm was murdered and at the Memorial on Landhausplatz. (I)


(I) Gerhard Buzas

(II) Valerie Neal


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Ron Bower – various emails and visit Innsbruck 2006

Valerie Neal – various emais 2007/2008

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